Containing 85% zinc, Interzinc 22 is an ideal zinc-rich silicate primer for steel in aggressive, corrosive environments. Rapid recoat technology allows faster throughput of coated steel, greatly enhancing productivity. Interzinc 22 conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 1 and ASTM D20 D520 Type II and can also be used as a tank lining for the carriage of different chemical cargoes.


Product Chemistry
Inorganic Zinc-Rich Silicate
Volume Solids
VOC content (EPA method)
470 g/lt
Colour Options
Green, Grey
Maximum Dry film thickness
3 mil
Minimum Dry film thickness
2 mil
Number of components
Multi pack
Dry time (at 59°F)
90 Minutes
Low Temperature Cure (at 41°F)
3 Hours