Interfine 1080 is a patented, high performance, low VOC single component acrylic polysiloxane finish offering outstanding color and gloss retention. Isocyanate-free, Interfine 1080 is primarily designed as a maintenance finish coat in onshore and offshore environments, such as tank externals, pipelines and structural supports where a high standard, durable, UV resistant, cosmetic appearance is required.


Product Chemistry
Acrylic Polysiloxane
Volume Solids
VOC content (EPA method)
275 g/lt
Colour Options
Available on Chromascan
Maximum Dry film thickness
3 mil
Minimum Dry film thickness
2 mil
Number of components
Single Pack
Isocyanate Free
Dry time (at 59°F)
16 Hours
Low Temperature Cure (at 41°F)
48 Hours