Designed as a vapour permeable membrane which can be reinforced to impart increased tensile strength for crazed surfaces or to resist mechanical damage. Intercrete 4881 benefits from the latest dual action mechanism to protect against the growth of micro-organisms and to provide added protection from germs. Intercrete 4881 has is a safe, non-leaching biostatic formulation suitable for walls and ceilings in all industries where strict standards of hygiene are observed. It is applied to walls and ceilings to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria in food preparation or production areas, brewing and beverage industries, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and in kitchens and bathrooms. CE-Marked in accordance with BS EN 1504 -2. Suitable for surface protection systems principles 2.2, 8.2 as defined in BS EN 1504-2.


Product Chemistry
Water Based Acrylic
Volume Solids
Maximum Dry film thickness
4 mil
Minimum Dry film thickness
4 mil
Number of components
Single Pack