For more than a decade, AkzoNobel's International® and Devoe® High Performance Coatings brands have been meeting the growing demands of the rail industry. Whether protecting new rail cars or maintaining existing fleets, we have a coatings solutions for virtually any cargo or condition.

Rail Lining Features

  • FDA compliant coatings for dry bulk foods, liquids and oils
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, high heat, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Environmentally safe : Low HAPS, Low VOC
  • Easy application and fast cure times 
  • High performance single coat, two coat, or direct-to-metal options

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Enviroline 2900LV

Enviroline 2900LV is an epoxy phenolic that complies with FDA regulations for wet and dry cargoes. It combines excellent abrasion and impact resistance providing long term perfromance against a range of chemicals and acids. It can be used in tanker cars carrying crude oil and other hydrocarbons at elevated temperatures and hopper cars carrying potash and plastic pellets.
  • Single Coat Application
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast ambient cure 
  • Superior abrasion and impact resistance
  • Ultra Low VOC

Enviroline 2405

Enviroline 2405 is a technically advanced, ultra-high solids , two component  polycyclaimine cured epoxy lining system. It can be used in tanker cars carrying crude oil and other hydrocarbons, and is a FDA compliant for both liquid and dry cargoes. 2405 is also an excellent coating for Hopper cars carrying potash and plastic pellets. 
  • Single Coat Application
  • Low surface energy of 36 Dynes/cm giving enhanced cargo release properties
  • High Solids, Ultra Low VOC
  • Fast cure
  • High temperature immersion resistance
  • Single Leg Airless or Plural Component spray applied

Interline 994

Interline 994 is specifically designed to give excellent resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals and solvents at a wide range of temperatures, providing long term asset protection and minimizing maintenance downtime.  Great for molten sulfur and tanker cars carrying agressive chemicals such as vegetable oil fatty acids
  • High performance, chemically resistant phenolic epoxy novolac tank lining
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Thin film system with excellent application properties
  • Excellent molten sulfur rail car lining 

Devchem 253HS

Devchem 253HS is a powerful new high solids technology that delivers even greater versatility and chemical resistance for a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures - whether ambient cure or force curing - in just one coat. It is tough enough to meet the protection needs of petroleum and chemical storage tanks, piping, rail cars, and equipment  used in the processing and storage of crude oil and many other corrosive chemicals
  • Application to 16 mils DFT in one coat
  • Airless or plural spray application
  • Does not require bake cure for full chemical resistance 
  • Low VOC and high solids
  • Semi gloss for easy cleaning