Our coatings are designed to meet the complex demands of the rail industry. Whether coating new rail cars or providing maintenance to existing fleets, our
range of protective coatings, linings and finishes offer superior protection for a wide variety of cargoes and conditions.

  • FDA compliant coatings for dry bulk foods, liquids and oils
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, high heat, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Environmentally safe: Low VOC, Low HAPS
  • Easy application and fast cure times
  • High performance direct-to-metal or two coat options


Coatings for rail car interiors

Enviroline 3910

FDA compliant Enviroline 3910 is formulated with ultra high solids, resulting in low odor, low VOCs and zero HAPs. It also has excellent edge retentive properties and its low surface energy allows enhanced cargo release properties. It is suitable for use in rail cars, including jumbo hopper cars, intended to transport and store plastic pellets and dry bulk products.

Enviroline 2900LV

FDA compliant for both liquid and dry cargoes. Excellent for tank cars carrying hydrocarbons and other cargoes. The high solids, ultra low VOC lining offers excellent chemical resistance, is fast cure, and is easily applied in a single coat.

Enviroline 2405

FDA compliant for a wide range of liquid and dry cargoes. The high solids, ultra low VOC lining features superior flexibility and low surface energy, making it ideal for tank cars carrying hydrocarbons and other cargoes, and hopper cars requiring a BPA-free lining. It can be applied in a single coat, using single leg equipment.

Devchem 253 Series

Devchem 253 is a two coat lining system that provides unmatched protection against caustic environments and chemicals such as ethanol and hydrocarbons. Devchem 253S is ideal for molten sulfur cargoes, while the high solids, single coat Devchem 253HS is best suited for tank cars carrying aggressive chemicals.

Interline 994

Great for molten sulfur and tank cars carrying aggressive chemicals such as vegetable oil and fatty acids.


Coatings for rail car exteriors


Intergard 3500

Designed for use in the rail industry as a one coat direct-to-metal exterior finish or a primer for approved topcoats; Intergard 3500 has excellent edge retentive properties and provides a combination of anti-corrosive barrier protection and abrasion, chemical fume and spillage resistance. Intergard 3500 is formulated with ultra high solids, providing an option where regulations or customer preference require low VOCs and zero HAPs coatings.

Devran 224V  

A high performance, multipurpose, surface tolerant, two component chemically-cured epoxy semi-gloss coating.

Intergard 345 Series

Provides a combination of anti-corrosive barrier protection, chemical fume and spillage resistance, and good abrasion resistance.

Polysiloxane finish

Interfine 2700

A high performance direct-to-metal epoxy type polysiloxane high gloss coating. It combines the superior gloss retention of a typical polyurethane finish with the corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance displayed by traditional epoxy technology.

Interfine 979

Formulated for long term flexibility on thin gauge steel fabrications such as rail cars.

Polyurethane finish

Interthane 990 Series

A two component acrylic urethane finish providing excellent durability and long term recoatability, the Interthane 990 Series
is suitable for use in both new construction and as a maintenance finish.

Devthane 359H

A high build, high performance, two component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss enamel that can be applied direct-to-metal.

Polyaspartic finish

Devthane 349

A high build, high performance, two component, direct-to-metal, fast cure polyaspartic urethane, that is ideal for use in areas where a “quick cure” durable gloss and color retentive coating is required.


Enviroline 124

A solvent-free, two component repair coating system utilizing advanced epoxy novolac technology.

Polibrid 705E

Fast setting and can be applied by heated, plural component airless spray equipment to offer the ultimate protection in corrosive environments.

Ceilcote Flakeline Series

Ceilcote Flakeline lining systems are reinforced with laminar, micron-thick inert flakes that overlap in multiple layers to form a barrier to permeation. Excellent protection for tank car centerbands.

Chartek Series

A complete range of epoxy intumescent passive fire protection (PFP) coatings, the Chartek Series provides safety, durability and efficiency through proven, economical and easy-to-apply solutions, meeting all project and customer requirements.

Interzone 954

A two component, low VOC, high solids, modified epoxy barrier coat designed to give long term protection in a single coat application.

Rail Market Solutions Brochure

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