Chemical and corrosion attack on steel and concrete can be costly and affect your business’ bottom line. Chemical and corrosion attack can:

  • Create hazardous work environment
  • Disrupt the manufacturing process
  • Cause a plant shutdown
  • Lead to lost revenue 

International is here to help. During our 100 years of history we have designed an extensive range of best in class linings using proven proprietary technology that provides the right protection on concrete or steel in the most aggressive chemical environments. Click here to search our linings product range. 

Solutions for a variety of industries:

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We can help:

  • Select a lining that is fit for purpose and unique to your specification
  • Shutdowns go as planned and avoid delays
  • Mitigate risk and save your company money in the planning phase
  • Ensure you will get value for your purchase with life cycle design
  • Review the small details and protect your asset
  • Select the right lining to fit your turnaround schedule
  • Select a lining and stay on budget
  • Recommend a maintenance plan with our Interplan program
  • Identify local recommended contractors in your area to get the job done right
  • Provide expert technical support
  • In the event of a unplanned shutdown or repair
Click here to search our linings product range.
  • Chemical Resistant Lining
  • Single coat, high build application
  • Single leg airless application
  • Resists crude oil storage up to 203F

  • Reinforced High-Temp Lining
  • Rapid cure time (14 hours)
  • Crude oil storage up to 249F
  • Multiple temperature ranges
  • Multiple applications

  •  Solvent free and Zero VOC
  •  High film thickness in a single coat  (5mm+ if required)
  •  Fast curing/low temperature curing
  •  Flexible, elastic, crack resistant,  abrasion and chemical resistant