A new high build glass flake epoxy coating, Interzone 954GF contains high aspect ratio lamellar glass flake for when enhanced abrasion and corrosion protection is needed. Interzone 954GF extends the International range of protective coatings, targeted at areas of application including the offshore oil & gas, wind power and mining industries.

Why is a high aspect ratio lamellar glass flake so important?

Lamellar glass flake provides an excellent barrier, making the coating very impermeable to water and ingress of corrosive ions to the steel surface. A high aspect ratio lamellar glass flake coating can provide the appropriate anticorrosion levels of performance. Unlike typical high build glass flake epoxy coatings, Interzone 954GF utilizes high aspect ratio lamellar glass flake for extended asset lifetimes and reduced total cost of ownership.

Owners can expect to benefit from:

  • First class corrosion protection - even in the most severe offshore and chemical environments
  • Increased longevity - direct-to-metal application combined with fast cure permits increased shop productivity
  • Simpler specification - can be used on structural steel, splash zones and immersed areas. Compliant with the performance criteria of NORSOK Systems 1, 4, 7A and 7B, delivering application cost savings
  • Enhanced aesthetics - smooth and glossy appearance provides a much more aesthetically pleasing finish compared to other glass flake epoxies on the market

Applicators can expect to benefit from:

  • Easy application - easy to mix and apply, with no need for thinners, allowing for reduced application costs
  • Increased shop productivity - excellent impact and abrasion resistance reduces damages in service, maximizing time to first maintenance
  • High surface tolerance - excellent surface tolerance to hand tool and power tool prepared steel substrates, makes Interzone 954GF an ideal solution for maintenance and repair projects
  • Low temperature cure - flexibility to changes in weather conditions with curing down to 23ºF (-5ºC), contributes to project flexibility
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