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Our extensive product range is designed to increase service life and minimize unplanned shutdowns.

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207 Products

Ceilcote 748 Corrosion Grout

Product Type

CEILCOTE 748 Corrosion Grout is a three-component chemicalresistant epoxy grouting material. It provides high strength, good adhesion to concrete and steel, minimal shrinkage and resists degradation by corrosive chemicals.

Interzinc 22

Product Type
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Containing 85% zinc, Interzinc 22 is an ideal zinc-rich silicate primer for steel in aggressive, corrosive environments. Rapid recoat technology allows faster throughput of coated steel, greatly enhancing productivity. Interzinc 22 conforms to SSPC Paint 20 Level 1 and ASTM D20 D520 Type II and can also be used as a tank lining for the carriage of different chemical cargoes.

Intershield 300

Product Type
Universal Primers

One of the offshore industry’s most trusted solutions with almost 30 years’ track record, Intershield 300 is a two component, abrasion resistant aluminum pigmented pure epoxy coating providing excellent long term anticorrosive protection. Curing down to -20°C (-4°F), Intershield 300 is an all year round solution for new construction and maintenance projects. As a universal primer, Intershield 300 can be used in, amongst others, atmospheric, submerged, deck and tank applications.

Chartek 7

Product Type
Passive Fire Protection
Epoxy Intumescent

With an unrivalled track record spanning more than 20 years, Chartek 7 provides exceptional protection for long duration pool and jet fires, and proven long term corrosion resistance. It is the most widely certified epoxy intumescent in the world and has protected over six million square meters of steel globally.

Ceilcote 652 Lining

Product Type
Chemical Resistant Lining
Vinyl Ester

Ceilcote 652 Lining is a trowel applied heavy duty lining that protects steel and concrete in immersion service from strong chemicals. The lining is formulated from novolac vinyl ester resin, inerts fillers and fibreglass reinforcement.It is a chemical resistant lining for most dilute inorganic acids and come concentrated acids such as hydrochloric and phosphoric.

Intergard 251

Product Type

The fast drying and handling properties of Intergard 251 coupled with extended overcoatability make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. Intergard 251 is a two component anticorrosive zinc phosphate epoxy primer for use in both new construction and industrial maintenance for a wide range of anti-corrosive coatings systems.

Intertherm 50

Product Type

A single component, high temperature coating based on a moisture-curing silicone binder, Intertherm 50 is ideal for the protection of steel from corrosion at temperatures up to 540°C (1004°F). The moisture-curing crosslinking technology of Intertherm 50 allows multiple coats to be applied without heat curing.

Interzinc 22HS

Product Type
No translation found - Primers / Tie Coats - eng-usa

A low VOC, inorganic zinc-rich ethyl silicate based primer providing outstanding corrosion protection for properly prepared steel surfaces. Contains 82% zinc dust in the dry film for long term corrosion protection.

Bar-Rust 231

Product Type
Surface Tolerant Epoxy

A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating.

Bar-Rust 231LV

Product Type
Surface Tolerant Epoxy

An ultra low VOC, high performance, multi-purpose, surface tolerant, two-component chemically-cured epoxy semi-gloss coating.