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We offer a complete coating solution range for the most demanding offshore environments around the world.

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112 Products

Enviroline 405HTR

Product Type
Epoxy Novolac

Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature performance alongside a wide ranging chemical resistance, for increased operational flexibility. Formulated with innovative polycyclamine technology, Enviroline 405HTR is a low VOC novolac epoxy lining that allows rapid return to service in just 14 hours, minimizing process disruption and reducing overall installation costs. Enviroline 405HTR offers high temperature resistance to 150°C (302°F) in a variety of cargoes including crude oil and produced water.

Chartek 7E

Product Type
Passive Fire Protection
Epoxy Intumescent

A self-reinforced epoxy coating, Chartek 7E simplifies application giving the oil and gas industry more choice and greater efficiency than ever before. Chartek 7E offers outstanding pool and jet fire resistance for up to two hours and a significant reduction in installed weight against other PFP products in the market.

Devthane 389N

Product Type

A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic urethane gloss finish.

Intergard 2575

Product Type

A two component, high solids, low VOC, fast-curing epoxy zinc phosphate/micaceous iron oxide primer offering excellent barrier protection. Suitable for overcoating within 2 hours under common climatic conditions. Early handling properties make this an ideal primer for speeding up production and throughput.

Interzone 485

Product Type
Subsea, Abrasion Resistant and Splashzone
Ultra High Build Epoxy

An ultra-high build, high volume solids, two component catalysed epoxy, Interzone 485 is ideal for the long term protection of steelwork in severe environments where high abrasion and corrosion resistance are required. Interzone 485 provides excellent resistance to alkalis, chemicals and petroleum products, and when used in conjunction with appropriate aggregate, it provides a tough, durable non-slip deck system.

Interzone 1000

Product Type
No translation found - Primers / Tie Coats - eng-usa

With proven track record spanning over 30 years, low VOC Interzone 1000 is a high build, two component epoxy coating pigmented with lamellar glass flake. Interzone 1000 extends asset lifetime by providing outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance to steelwork located in the harshest offshore environments. Interzone 1000 can also be used in deck coating systems with appropriate aggregate.

Interlac 393

Product Type

A rust inhibitive primer for use over properly prepared steel. A general purpose shop primer, Interlac 393 offers low cost, easy application and low VOC.

Intercryl 520

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

A low VOC, single component, rust inhibitive water borne acrylic for use as a primer or finish applied directly to properly prepared metal, concrete or wood surfaces.

Interfine 629HS

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

A two component, low VOC, high performance isocyanate-free crosslinking acrylic finish, Interfine 629HS provides high durability in terms of color and gloss retention in a wide variety of aggressive environments. Interfine 629HS is designed for use in both construction and industrial maintenance scenarios.

Interfine 878

Product Type
Cosmetic Finishes

Interfine 878 is a high performance, two component, isocyanate-free polysiloxane finish offering superior gloss and colour retention, maintaining aesthetics to highest standards. A tough and hard wearing finish, Interfine 878 exhibits good flexibility and abrasion resistance, suitable for both factory new construction and site maintenance application.